White Fly Killer – GGSupplys


This white fly concentrate will eradicate all white flys with a consistant daily spray.

Dilute 3-4 squrts (5-8ml) of white fly killer into a 8-9 ltr long nossle spray bottle (bunnings have them)

Make sure you use a the long nossle pump pressure spray bottles so you can reach under leaf and around tree easily –

Spray underside and overside of all plants while knocking stems periodicly (knocking will also dislodge flys)

Spray all pots, tops and sides of pots, grow trays, grow tents, grow filter socks, walls anything non electrical.

Spraying all areas will leave a fine film where white flys will land and get trapped

Its best to use this spray on a daily basis to get control and eliminate white flys

Leaf curl may occur but dont worrie just remove them.

Do not spray in flower. Do not spray when lights on.

Keep all fans on to dry up moisture.



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