Terpify Terpene & Resin Enhancer 960ml – Pine / Earth


Terpify Terpene & Resin Pine

Terpify is an all natural poly-botanical extract purposefully designed to enhance the existing scent profile of your garden.

Effective and compatible with all gardening styles and methods, Terpify may enhance the overall intensity of the fragrance emitted from your garden as a result of incidental contact assimilation.

Terpify formula provides essential oil-bearing plants with both precursors and readily available bio-identical plant compounds to increase overall essential oil production and intensity.

All Natural Formulation – Contains Only Plant Derived Ingredients – Also Formulated for General Agriculture (Tomatoes, Lemons, Strawberries, Lavender etc.)

– 0-0-0 NPK add to Any Schedule –

Use Up to Finish with + Results –

Can Replace Existing Flushing Agent to Enhance Terpenes –

Countless Trials Indicate Dramatic Increase in Terpenes & Resin – Vegan Compliant

In order to boost overall resin synthesis. Rival items in this class supplement (add) raw materials to the beginning of the gibberellic cycle. These substances might be intended to molecularly stress the plant in an effort to boost the senescence (flowering) response.

A plant will frequently create chemicals, including resin, in response to feeling threatened or dying.

In our expert opinion, this approach is faulty since molecularly attacking your plant during the bulking phase in an effort to increase resin synthesis would not be yield-smart.

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