Taj Mahal Plain Chilli 300g


Blended in Australia from imported ingredients

Best Before : 9 June 2023

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Taj Mahal Plain Chilli 300g is a high-quality spice powder that adds a fiery kick to any dish. Made from finely ground dried chilli peppers, this versatile spice can be used in a wide range of cuisines, from Indian curries to Mexican salsas and beyond.

The Taj Mahal brand is known for its commitment to quality and authenticity, and this chilli powder is no exception. It is made from carefully selected chilli peppers that have been sun-dried and ground to a fine powder, with no additives or preservatives.

This Plain Chilli powder is perfect for adding heat to dishes without altering their flavor profile too much. It has a rich, deep flavor that enhances the taste of any dish, whether it be a classic chili con carne or a spicy chicken stir-fry. It can also be used as a seasoning for snacks like popcorn or roasted nuts, or as a rub for meat before grilling or roasting.

The packaging of the Taj Mahal Plain Chilli is designed to preserve its freshness and flavor. The 300g pack is resealable, ensuring that the spice powder stays fresh and potent for longer. This makes it an ideal choice for home cooks and professional chefs alike.

In summary, Taj Mahal Plain Chilli 300g is a high-quality spice powder that adds a bold and spicy kick to any dish. With its versatile flavor and convenient packaging, it is a must-have ingredient for anyone who loves to cook with spices.


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