Taj Mahal Breyani Masala 50g


Blended in Australia from imported ingredients

Best Before : 9 June 2023

Ingredients: 15 Different Herbs 7 Spices

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Taj Mahal Breyani Masala is a unique blend of aromatic spices that come together to create a flavorful and authentic biryani experience. This spice mix is specially formulated to capture the authentic taste of Indian biryani, a beloved dish made from fragrant long-grain rice and a rich assortment of meats, vegetables, and aromatic spices.

The Taj Mahal Breyani Masala is made from a blend of high-quality whole spices that are handpicked, dried, and ground to perfection. The key ingredients in this spice mix include coriander, cumin, turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves, among others. Each ingredient in the mix is carefully selected for its unique flavor profile and aroma, and blended in the perfect proportion to create a balance of flavors.

The spice mix is easy to use and can be added to any biryani recipe to enhance its taste and aroma. Simply mix the spice mix with rice and the other ingredients in your recipe and cook it according to the instructions to create a delicious and aromatic biryani dish.

The Taj Mahals Breyani Masala is versatile and can also be used to create a range of other dishes, such as curries, stews, and vegetable dishes. The blend of spices adds a depth of flavor and aroma to any dish and can turn even the simplest recipe into a gourmet delight.

Overall, Taj Mahals Breyani Masala is an excellent choice for those who enjoy the complex flavors and aromas of Indian cuisine. This spice mix is made from high-quality ingredients and is sure to add an authentic touch to any biryani dish or other Indian-inspired recipe. So, if you want to impress your family and friends with a delicious and aromatic biryani, Taj Mahal Breyani Masala is definitely worth a try.



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