Superthrive 120ml


SUPERthrive is a highly concentrated non-toxic vitamin solution invigorating all variety of greenery for home gardeners and professionals alike. It is equally suited for hydro-seeding, hydroponics, and foliar spraying.

SUPERthrive® maximizes potential by quickly building a strong root base and reducing transplant shock. SUPERthrive® replenishes the soil to nourish and encourage the natural building blocks that plants make themselves under optimum conditions.

Since 1939, SUPERthrive® remains a primary gardening and grower’s tool to promote chemical balance, increase crop yield, secure landscaping, and safely transplant trees of any size.

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Superthrive 120ml is a highly concentrated vitamin and hormone solution that promotes plant growth, health, and overall vigor. It is formulated with 50 vitamins, minerals, and plant hormones that help plants overcome stress and reach their full potential.

Superthrive works by providing essential nutrients that are often lacking in soil, water, and fertilizer. It stimulates root growth, improves nutrient uptake, and enhances the plant’s natural defense mechanisms against environmental stressors such as drought, temperature fluctuations, and pests.

The product is suitable for use on a wide range of plants, from vegetables and herbs to flowers and trees. It can be applied to both indoor and outdoor plants, including those grown in hydroponic systems.

Superthrive is easy to use and highly versatile. It can be added to the plant’s regular watering schedule or used as a foliar spray. It can also be used to help plants recover from transplant shock or other stressors.

One of the unique features of Superthrive is its ability to extend the life of cut flowers and other harvested plant materials. By providing essential nutrients and hormones. Superthrive can help prolong the life and freshness of cut flowers and other harvested materials.

Overall, Superthrive 120ml is a powerful plant supplement that can help improve the health, growth, and overall performance of a wide range of plants. It is a highly trusted and popular product among both professional and amateur growers, and its effectiveness has been demonstrated through years of use and experimentation.

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