Stash Bag – Locking Bag with Odor Control (Carbon lined, Black )


Stash Bag Black – Locking Stash Bag with Odor Control
Stress Free premium activated carbon odor adsorption technology, ensuring smells stay where they should be… Inside the stash bag black
[DISCREET STORAGE FOR YOUR SMELLY GOODS] Yes we said adsorption – Millions of tiny pores opened between the carbon molecules trap even the stankiest of smells so you don’t need to worry about them escaping. Safely store your smoking accessories at home or on the move. This Lockable Case comes with a Combination Lock and removable dividers to customise the space. A smell proof zip finishes the protection
[PREMIUM QUALITY] Not only does our activated carbon technology stop smells in their tracks, it also purifies the air, absorbing airborne toxins and moisture, stopping mould and bacteria forming. Our hardwearing products stand the test of time – Using premium quality materials and construction.
A stash bag Black in color is a type of bag that is designed to store and carry items that you want to keep secure and discreet.
[SAFE AND SECURE] Keep all of your smoking accessories together, convenient and organised, hidden away from prying eyes… and noses. Your Smell Proof Bag or Case will hold everything you need.
Case Size: 24cm long x 17cm wide x 9cm tall


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