Ph Meter


1. Instructions for PH pH meter calibration powder:
pH meter calibrator: the pH standard solid substance. It can be used after opening the package and adding water. Suitable for calibration of any type of pH meter. Two specifications are pH=4.00; 6.86 and valid for five years.
There are two specifications of PH pH standard solution for preparing powder, 4.01 and 6.86, and each pack can prepare 250ML standard solution. (Be sure to add water in the required proportion, otherwise it will affect the accuracy of the calibration and increase the error)
Note: (PH pens have been calibrated before delivery, buyers do not need to re-calibrate after receiving the goods! In the following cases, the pH meter must be re-calibrated, and it has been used (or placed) for a long time after calibration; the electrode is used Especially frequent; measurement accuracy requirements are relatively high.)
2. How to use:
Cut open the plastic bag, pour the powder into a 250ML volumetric flask, rinse the inner wall of the plastic bag with a small amount of CO2-free distilled water, and dilute to the mark and shake well. The shelf life of the powder is 2 years. As long as the calibration solution is not contaminated, it can be reused. The shelf life after adding water is about 6 months.

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