Nulife Technologies U Turn – 1L


Nulife – U-Turn 1L
U-Turn is designed to control the growth of container grown plants by stopping wood and leaf growth and therefore turning the plant’s energy to producing flowers.

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Nulife Technologies U Turn – 1L is a plant growth regulator that helps in reversing the effects of plant stress caused by various environmental factors. It is a powerful formula that contains a high concentration of cytokinins and auxins, which are plant hormones that promote cell division and growth.

U Turn is designed to help plants recover quickly from stressful situations such as transplant shock, drought, nutrient deficiencies, and temperature extremes. It helps to stimulate new root growth and strengthen the plant’s immune system, making it more resistant to pests and diseases.

The unique formula of U Turn is specifically designed to improve plant health and growth by increasing the plant’s metabolism and photosynthesis rate. This results in healthier, more vigorous plants that produce larger yields of high-quality fruits and flowers.

U Turn is easy to use and can be applied directly to the plant’s foliage or added to the nutrient solution. It is suitable for use on all types of plants, including ornamentals, vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

Using U Turn regularly can help to increase plant resilience and overall health, resulting in stronger and more productive plants. It is a cost-effective solution for growers looking to improve the quality and quantity of their crops without having to invest in expensive equipment or chemicals.

Overall, Nulife Technologies U Turn – 1L is a highly effective plant growth regulator that can help to improve plant health and growth while reversing the effects of environmental stress. It is a must-have for any grower looking to produce healthier, more productive plants.



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