NRG Nutrients Silica 1L


Most people overlook Silica in their hydroponic feeding regime, but it is a very important element to include.

Creating plants with stronger cells, more resistant to pests, disease and weathering.

Having stronger stems to support larger flowers, thicker stems also allow more nutrient transportability for faster growth and flowering.

NRG’s Silica is the highest quality Silica you can source in Australia, the most soluble and bioavailable to plants you can get..

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NRG Nutrients Silica 1L is a plant supplement designed to strengthen and fortify plants. Silica is a crucial element for plant growth and can help plants resist environmental stressors such as drought, heat, and cold temperatures. It can also improve plant growth and yield.

NRG Nutrients Silica 1L contains a highly concentrated form of silica, making it easy to use and effective. It is designed for use during the vegetative stage of plant growth and can be used in hydroponic, soil, and coco coir growing systems.

Silica helps to strengthen plant cell walls, making them more rigid and able to stand up to environmental stressors. This can result in healthier, more resilient plants that are less prone to damage from pests and disease.

In addition to strengthening plants, silica can also improve nutrient uptake and transport within the plant. This can lead to improved growth rates and higher yields.

NRG Nutrients Silica 1L is easy to use and can be added directly to your nutrient solution or applied as a foliar spray. It is pH buffered to ensure compatibility with most nutrient systems.

Overall, NRG Nutrients Silica 1L is a valuable addition to any grower’s nutrient regimen, helping to improve plant strength, resilience, and growth.


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