Magnum Synthetic Urine


2 fluid oz of synthetic urine packed in a one-use kit that includes a synthetic urine sample, a squirt bottle with cap & thermometer, a heating pad and comes also with a detailed instruction guide & guarantee! Protect your DNA from Genetic Profiling with the Magnum Detox! Easy, effective and totally undetectable!

Kit Includes:

  • Synthetic urine sample
  • Squirt bottle with cap & thermometer
  • Heating Pad
  • Detailed Instructions & guarantee

One of the main reasons people use Magnum Synthetic Urine is to pass drug tests. Many employers require drug testing as a condition of employment, and some people may have concerns about testing positive for drugs. Synthetic urine can be used as a substitute for real urine to pass a drug test. However, it is important to note that using synthetic urine to cheat a drug test is illegal and can have serious consequences if you are caught.

Magnum Synthetic Urine typically comes in a pre-mixed solution that is ready to use. It may also include a heating pad to help maintain the temperature of the urine, as temperature is an important factor in passing a drug test. It is important to follow the instructions carefully when using synthetic urine to ensure that it is used correctly and that the test is not compromised.

Overall, Magnum Synthetic Urine is a product designed to closely mimic real human urine and is commonly used for various purposes, including passing drug tests. However, it is important to use synthetic urine legally and responsibly.


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