Liquid Lead 1L


Precisely designed for optimum harvest.  A unique of organic enzyme activators, vitamins, essential amino acids and carbohydrates and soil conditioners that will unleash that full flowering potential of your favourite plants or herbs.
Maintains Healthy Grow
Hardens Flowers
Increases Harvest Weight
Fresher Terpene Flavour and Taste
Maintains Optimum Health of Flowering Plants

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Liquid Lead is a plant nutrient solution that is precisely formulated to support optimum growth and harvest of plants and herbs. It is a unique blend of organic enzyme activators, vitamins, essential amino acids, carbohydrates and soil conditioners that work together to unleash the full flowering potential of your favorite plants.

This plant nutrient solution helps to maintain the healthy growth of your plants while also hardening the flowers. It increases the harvest weight and ensures fresher terpene flavor and taste. Liquid Lead is designed to maintain the optimum health of flowering plants, ensuring they reach their full potential.

The organic enzyme activators in Liquid Lead work to promote healthy root growth, which in turn leads to stronger and healthier plants. The vitamins and essential amino acids help to nourish the plants, ensuring that they have all the necessary nutrients to thrive. The carbohydrates provide energy for the plants, while the soil conditioners ensure that the soil is in the best possible condition for the plants to grow.

In addition to supporting healthy plant growth, Liquid Lead also helps to enhance the flavor and aroma of your plants. This is due to the fresh terpenes that are preserved when the plants are harvested at their peak. Overall, Liquid Lead is a must-have nutrient solution for anyone who wants to maximize the yield and quality of their plants.



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