HY-GEN pH Up 150ml
HY-GEN® pH UP contains a 45% solution of potassium hydroxide, which can be added to your growing system to RAISE the pH. It’s recommended to make up your nutrient solution first and allow it to equilibrate. This can take up to 60 minutes depending on the size of your tank. Always add the required amount of pH UP to a small separate container of water and mix well before adding to your nutrient tank.
Adjusting & checking your pH is an ongoing process.
Your pH may fluctuate as your plants consume nutrients from your solution

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Hy-Gen pH Up 150mL is a specially formulated solution designed to raise the pH levels in hydroponic and soil-based growing systems. Maintaining the proper pH levels is crucial for healthy plant growth and development. pH levels that are too high or too low can cause nutrient deficiencies, root damage, and stunted growth.

Hy-Gen pH Up contains potassium hydroxide, which is a powerful alkaline compound that quickly and effectively raises pH levels. It is recommended for use during the vegetative and flowering stages of plant growth, as different stages of plant growth require different pH levels for optimal nutrient uptake.

The 150mL bottle size is perfect for hobbyist growers or those with small to medium-sized growing systems. Simply add small amounts of the solution to your water until the desired pH level is reached. The bottle has a convenient dropper tip for easy and precise dosing.

Using Hy-Gen pH Up will ensure that your plants are receiving the right nutrients at the right time, leading to healthy growth and higher yields. It is important to regularly monitor pH levels and adjust as needed to maintain a healthy growing environment for your plants.

Hy-Gen pH Up is a trusted product among growers and is manufactured to the highest quality standards. It is easy to use and effective at raising pH levels in your growing system, making it a must-have for any serious gardener.

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