Gorilla Garden Supplys – Bio Blast 1L


Bio Blast is a rich reservoir of microbiological life, acting as a potent probiotic for both soil and coco mediums. These microscopic organisms fuel the innate processes within the medium, accelerating the breakdown of organic and mineral residues, thereby enriching the nutrient content and fostering robust growth.

Incorporating the synergistic influence of billions of beneficial bacteria, Bio Blast harnesses the renowned advantages of kelp, seaweed, fish, humic acid, and manure. By doing so, it not only nourishes plants with a diverse array of organic nutrients but also introduces essential “workers” in the form of beneficial bacteria. These microbial allies play a pivotal role in decomposing organic matter, unlocking an optimal nutrient pool for plant uptake.

Recommended Use > Mix up a 20l of water and add 30ml of Bio Blast (adjust pH) and feed on a dry day or every other day.

Or  Add 10ml per ltr to your existing feed program and adjust pH

This product will increase odour 

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