Garden Scrog Trellis Netting Support – 1.35m x 2.7m


Hydroponic Garden Scrog Trellis Netting 1.35m x 2.7m

Hydroponic Scrog netting suitable stretching out plants canopys and supporting heavy falling heads

Great to maximize light penetration & even canopys.


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The vGarden Scrog Trellis Netting Support is a must-have for any serious indoor or outdoor gardener. This heavy-duty netting is designed to provide strong support for your plants as they grow, helping to improve their overall health and yield.

Measuring 1.35m x 2.7m, this trellis netting is large enough to support multiple plants at once. It’s made from durable, high-quality materials that won’t tear or break easily, ensuring that your plants stay supported throughout their growth cycle.

The vGarden Scrog Trellis Netting Support is perfect for use with the Screen of Green (Scrog) technique, which involves training plants to grow horizontally along a screen or netting. This helps to promote even canopy growth and maximizes the amount of light that reaches each plant, resulting in a higher yield.

Installing the trellis netting is quick and easy, and it can be attached to almost any type of growing container or support structure. Once installed, you can weave your plant’s branches through the netting, providing them with the support they need to grow strong and healthy.

Overall, the vGarden Scrog Trellis Netting Support is an essential tool for any gardener looking to improve their plant’s health and yield. With its heavy-duty construction, easy installation, and compatibility with the Scrog technique, this netting is sure to help you grow healthy, beautiful plants.


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