Flairform PH Down 1L – pH Adjustment Solution


Flairform pH Up & Down are non-corrosive*. This solves the long-standing safety and handling problems associated with regular pH adjustment solutions:

  • Concentration:   Flairform’s ‘organic’ pH Down contains 50% w/v citric acid. Flairform pH UP contains 60% w/v potassium carbonate (equivalent strength to 40% w/v potassium hydroxide).
  • Ideal for mail order and distribution: No special freight, handling or storage requirements.
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    Flairform pH Down 1L is a highly concentrated solution for adjusting the pH level of hydroponic nutrient solutions, water, or soil. This solution is perfect for growers who want to ensure their plants are receiving the optimal pH level for nutrient absorption and growth.

    When using hydroponic systems or soilless growing methods, it’s essential to maintain the pH level of your nutrient solution within a certain range. Flairform pH Down 1L provides a quick and easy solution for lowering the pH of your nutrient solution, ensuring your plants receive the correct balance of nutrients.

    This pH adjustment solution is formulated with food-grade phosphoric acid, making it safe to use in hydroponic and aquaponic systems, as well as soil-based growing methods. The highly concentrated formula means that a little goes a long way, making it a cost-effective option for growers.

    Flairforms pH 1L is easy to use, simply add a small amount to your nutrient solution or water and mix well. Then, measure the pH level and adjust as necessary until you reach the desired range. This solution is ideal for growers of all levels, from beginners to experienced professionals.

    In addition to adjusting the pH level of your nutrient solution, Flairform pH Down 1L can also be use to clean and maintain your hydroponic equipment. Simply mix with water and use to clean your equipment, helping to prevent the build-up of mineral deposits and bacteria.

    Overall, Flairform pH Down 1L is an essential tool for any hydroponic or soilless grower. Its highly concentrated formula, food-grade ingredients, and ease of use make it a reliable solution for maintaining the optimal pH level for your plants.

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