Flairform Greendream Grow 1L


GreenDream-1 is 1-part nutrient that produces vigorous growth from seed to harvest.


  • is completely soluble, runs extremely clean and has exceptional long-term stability
  • is¬†capable of handling very hard and salty waters without unwanted issues such as blocked filters and drippers
  • has greater pH stability than most 2-parts
  • is formulated from high purity mineral salts and chelated trace elements
  • does not require shaking and is compatible with auto dosing equipment
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    Flairform Greendream Grow 1L is a high-quality nutrient solution that provides all the necessary nutrients to the plants during their vegetative stage of growth. It is specifically designed for hydroponic systems and can be used with various types of growing mediums such as rockwool, clay pebbles, and coco coir.

    The nutrient solution contains a carefully balanced blend of essential nutrients, including nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and trace elements. This ensures that the plants receive all the necessary nutrients for healthy growth and development.

    Flairform Greendream Grow 1L is also formulated to have a pH between 5.5-6.5, which is the ideal range for most hydroponic systems. This helps to prevent nutrient lockout and ensures that the plants can absorb all the nutrients they need.

    One of the benefits of using Flairform Greendream Grow 1L is that it is highly concentrated, which means that you only need to use a small amount per gallon of water. This makes it a cost-effective option for those who want to maximize their yield without breaking the bank.

    Overall, Flairform Greendream Grow 1L is a top-quality nutrient solution that is perfect for hydroponic growers who want to ensure healthy plant growth during the vegetative stage. Its unique formula, high concentration, and balanced nutrient ratios make it an excellent choice for any hydroponic setup.


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