Flairform Greendream Bloom 1L


GreenDream 1 Bloom Description: When to use: Flowering phase Dosage: 4 to 6ml per litre Substrates: Hydro / Coco / Soil GreenDream 1 Bloom exploits slurry technology to provide a nutrient formulation that is superior to 2-part nutrients:

  • Superior nutrient balance. GreenDream 1 Bloom’s slurry technology helps ensure more aggressive growth and prolific flowering
  • Over 20% more concentrated than most 2-parts
  • Less pH maintenance required because of very high pH buffering capacity: Growers are able to use high alkalinity waters without experiencing large pH fluctuations and the associated poor growth results
  • Easier to use: There is no chance of the grower making mixing errors because all nutrients are in 1 bottle
  • Fully soluble (no blockages):  The slurry dissolves instantly when added to water and stirred. This helps prevent equipment failure (e.g. pumps, jets/drippers & filters) caused by sludge build-up.
  • Contains the full range of chelated trace elements
  • Universal formulation for hard and soft water
  • For hydroponics, coco or soil
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    Flairform Greendream Bloom 1L is a premium quality, two-part nutrient system specifically designed for the flowering stage of plants. It is suitable for use in hydroponics, soil, and coco coir systems.

    Flairform Greendream Bloom 1L is composed of two separate bottles, A and B, which work together to provide your plants with all the essential nutrients they need to thrive during the bloom phase. Bottle A contains nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, while bottle B contains all the essential micronutrients and trace elements.

    Flairform Greendream Bloom 1L is formulated with high-quality, chelated minerals, which are easily absorbed by your plants’ roots. This ensures that your plants have access to all the essential nutrients they need to produce healthy, vibrant flowers.

    In addition to providing your plants with essential nutrients, Flairform Greendream Bloom 1L also contains special additives that help to stimulate the growth and development of your plants. These additives include natural plant hormones, amino acids, and vitamins.

    Flairform Greendream Bloom 1L is easy to use and can be added directly to your nutrient solution. It is recommended to use this product in combination with Flairform Greendream Grow during the vegetative phase to ensure optimal plant growth and development.

    Overall, Flairform Greendream Bloom 1L is a high-quality nutrient solution that can help you achieve impressive yields of healthy, vibrant flowers.


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