Fan Speed Controller


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• Fuse protected, SAA certificated plug
• One control switch for 3 settings: Variable Speed, OFF and Full Speed
• Speed control dial to control Variable Speed: Low, Medium or High speed
• Applicable for fan or router which power is from 500W to 1800W
• With built-in grounded control outlet and metal clamp at the back
• Comes with 1.8m grounded power cord, especially convenient for you when the power cord of your fan is not very long
• Lightweight, practical and easy to use
• Perfect for controlling speed of high velocity inline fan and mini blower

Product Features:

– Voltage: AC220-240V, 50Hz 8A
– Max. Power: 1800W
– Fuse: 10A 250V AC
– Overall Dimension (LxWxH): 14 x 6 x 6 cm (5 1/2″ x 2 3/8″ x 2 3/8″)
– Power Cord Length: 1.8 m (70 7/8″)

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A fan speed controller is a device used to regulate the speed of fans in order to control the amount of air being circulated in a room or space. It is a useful tool for maintaining an optimal environment for plants, animals, or humans by adjusting the air flow and temperature.

The controller is typically connected between the power source and the fan, allowing the user to adjust the voltage or current to the fan, which in turn regulates the speed of the blades. This can be especially useful in indoor grow rooms where air circulation is essential for proper plant growth and health.

Fan speed controllers are available in various sizes and can accommodate different types of fans, including inline fans and oscillating fans. Some models also come with a built-in thermostat to automatically adjust the fan speed based on the temperature of the room.

Overall, a fan speed controller is an important tool for indoor gardeners, hydroponic growers, and other individuals who need to maintain a consistent and optimal environment for their plants or animals. It can also be used in homes or offices to regulate temperature and air flow, providing a comfortable and healthy living or working space.


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