Fabric Pot Hydroponic 23L


This Fabric Pot is made of high quality non-woven fabric material, breathable, environmental-friendly, durable to use.

Superior drainage and aeration Contribute to the healthy growth of plant roots.

Perfect for planting vegetables, strawberries, herbs, flowers and so on, it is ideal for hydroponic quick growth use.

Introducing the Fabric Pot Hydroponic 23L, a must-have for every hydroponic gardener! This pot is made from high-quality fabric material that is breathable, ensuring that your plants get enough oxygen for optimal growth. The 23-liter size is perfect for larger plants and allows for a generous amount of root growth.

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One of the most significant benefits of using fabric pots in hydroponic gardening is their air pruning ability. This process promotes the development of a robust root system by naturally pruning the roots as they grow towards the edge of the pot. This prevents root circling and encourages the growth of new roots, which results in healthier and more productive plants.

The Fabric Pot Hydroponic 23L is also incredibly durable and reusable. Unlike traditional plastic pots that can break or crack over time, fabric pots can withstand heavy use and last for many growing seasons. The fabric material is also eco-friendly and can be easily washed and reused for future plantings.

In addition to their practical benefits, fabric pots are also visually appealing and come in a range of colors to complement any hydroponic setup. Choose the Fabric Pot Hydroponic 23L for a reliable and efficient way to grow your hydroponic plants.


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