Cookies Mason Jar


Looking for a better way to stash your goodies with style? We got you covered!

These fun hand held size stash jars are perfect for a wide array of storage needs.

Whether its for storing your latest strain of your favorite herbs for seasoning these steel-hinged airtight glass mason jars lock away aroma, and keep your contents fresh and sealed..

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The Cookies Mason Jar is the perfect storage solution for your herbs, spices, or even small snacks. This sleek and stylish jar is made of high-quality meterials, ensuring durability and longevity. Its air-tight seal will keep your contents fresh and protected from outside elements.

The jar is adorned with the classic Cookies logo and comes in a beautiful, transparent green color. It has a large capacity, capable of holding up to 1 liter of your favorite products. This jar is not only functional, but also adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen or storage area.

The Cookies Mason Jar is perfect for storing a wide variety of herbs, spices, and other dry goods. It’s an ideal container for keeping your favorite smoking blends fresh and organized. The sturdy glass construction makes it ideal for transporting your products to a friend’s house or to an outdoor gathering.

This jar is perfect for anyone who loves to store their herbs and spices in style. It’s perfect for the discerning smoker or chef who values quality and aesthetics. Its high-quality construction and timeless design make it a must-have for any connoisseur.

In summary, the Cookies Mason Jar is a beautiful and functional addition to any kitchen or storage area. Its high-quality glass construction, air-tight seal, and stylish design make it the perfect container for storing your favorite herbs, spices, or other dry goods. It’s a must-have for anyone who values quality and style in their storage solutions.




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