Byron Bay Gold Veg 1l


Byron Bay Gold Veg A & B Solution is specifically designed to promote healthy root and foliage development. Designed for use in all growing media, our Veg solution is a no hassles way of getting your plants ready for record breaking results.

This is australian climatised concentrated nutrient solution made specificly for aussie growers. If your looking to get the most out of your plants this formular will cut the mustard.

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Byron Bay Gold Veg 1L is a specialized nutrient solution designed for the vegetative stage of plant growth. It is specifically formulated for Australian growers to promote healthy foliage development and root growth, enabling strong and healthy plants.

This concentrated solution is made with high-quality ingredients and contains a balanced blend of macro and micronutrients, essential minerals, and trace elements that plants need during the vegetative stage. It is suitable for use in all growing media and is an easy and hassle-free way to prepare your plants for the flowering stage.

Byron Bay Gold Veg 1L is designed to enhance the natural growth process of your plants, resulting in healthy, vibrant, and productive plants. It promotes robust root growth, which is essential for the uptake of nutrients, water, and oxygen, ensuring your plants can reach their full potential.

This nutrient solution is highly concentrated, and only a small amount is needed to achieve great results. It is easy to use, and the bottle comes with clear instructions for use. Byron Bay Gold Veg 1L is a reliable and high-quality solution that will help you achieve outstanding results in your garden.

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