Bloom Cal – Mag 300ml


What is Bloom Cal?
Bloom Cal-Mag 300ml is used for the correction of calcium and magnesium deficiency and to keep your fast growing and heavy cropping plants healthy and free from any problems such as blossom end rot in tomatoes
  • Promotes a healthy plant through calcium and magnesium availability
  • Highly concentrated with calcium and magnesium solubilised with nitrogen
  • Includes chelated forms of iron and zinc to increase plant growth
  • Can assist with cell division – use in the vegetative cycle to keep calcium and magnesium levels high
  • Aids in the uptake of potassium and phosphorus when used in the flowering cycle
  • Can be used as a remedy when the plant is yellow due to lack of calcium and magnesium – an application will increase the chlorophyll levels resulting in higher photosynthetic rates
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Bloom Cal-Mag 300ml is a plant supplement product designed to help address calcium and magnesium deficiencies in plants. Calcium and magnesium are two essential macronutrients that play a crucial role in plant growth and development.

It also plays a key role in the transportation of nutrients and the regulation of pH levels within the plant. Magnesium, on the other hand, is necessary for photosynthesis, the process by which plants convert sunlight into energy. It also aids in the production of chlorophyll, which gives plants their green color.

However, some plants may struggle to absorb adequate amounts of calcium and magnesium from the soil, leading to deficiencies that can result in stunted growth, yellowing of leaves, and even death. Bloom Cal-Mag provides a solution to this problem by providing a concentrated blend of calcium and magnesium that is readily available for plants to absorb.


Overall, Bloom Cal-Mag is an essential product for any grower looking to maximize the growth and health of their plants. By providing plants with the necessary calcium and magnesium, it helps ensure that they can reach their full potential and produce high-quality yields.


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