Bio Diesel 1L Sensi Pro


Bio Diesel is an organic extreme bud fuel designed for fast growing, heavy blooming hybrids.
Growers using Bio Diesel have reported the following;
  • improved resin and essential oil production
  • more flowering sites with heavier blooms
  • greatly enhanced sugar production, terpene, taste and aroma
  • improved structure in soil-less media such as coco fibre
  • stablising effect on pH in nutrient solutions
  • instant reaction in terpene production the day after this product is used.

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    Bio Diesel 1L Sensi Pro is a plant nutrient solution designed to enhance the growth and yield of plants. This product is specifically formulated for use during the flowering stage of a plant’s life cycle. Bio Diesel contains a blend of high-quality ingredients, including amino acids, carbohydrates, and vitamins, that work together to promote healthy plant growth and development.

    One of the key benefits of using Bio Diesel is that it can increase the yield of plants. The nutrients in Bio Diesel help to support the development of large, healthy flowers that are packed with essential oils and other compounds. This can result in a higher yield of potent, flavorful plant material.

    Bio Diesel also contains ingredients that can help to improve the overall health of plants. The amino acids and vitamins in this product can help to boost a plant’s immune system. Additionally, Bio Diesel can help to improve the taste and aroma of plants, resulting in a more enjoyable experience for the user.

    Overall, Bio Diesel 1L Sensi Pro is an effective and reliable plant nutrient solution that can help to promote healthy growth and maximize yields. Whether you are a professional grower or a hobbyist, this product can help you to achieve the best possible results from your plants.


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