150mm Black Lightproof Ducting 5m (150mm x 5m)


150mm Black Ducting is used to push or pull fresh air from a  designated area or grow room / grow tent.

Lightproof & durable

Fixes onto fans, silencers, filters, flanges and duct joiners with no effort at all. Superior quality means this ducting will last longer than conventional ducting..

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The 150mm Black Lightproof Ducting is a top-quality accessory for any indoor growing or ventilation system. This ducting is designed to transport hot or cold air from one location to another, while ensuring complete lightproofness to prevent any light leaks that could disrupt your plants’ growth cycle.

Measuring 150mm in diameter and 5m in length, this ducting is made of high-quality aluminum with a black coating that further enhances its lightproof properties. The ducting is also flexible and easy to install, allowing you to route it precisely where you need it to go.

In addition to its lightproof properties, this ducting is also designed to withstand high temperatures and humidity levels, making it an ideal solution for hydroponic and indoor gardening setups. The ducting can be used to connect air-cooled reflectors, exhaust fans, carbon filters, and other ventilation equipment, ensuring efficient airflow and optimal growing conditions.

With its durable construction, superior lightproofness, and flexible design, the 150mm Black Lightproof Ducting is an essential component for any indoor growing or ventilation system. Whether you are a seasoned grower or just starting, this ducting is a reliable solution that will help you create the ideal growing environment for your plants.



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